Who are the experts at Avadon?

.• Norma Owen
.• Brian Azar
.• Deb Castrodale
.• Sally Curry
.• Amitav Dash
. Bernd Dörflein
.• Bill Dubs
.• Jane Falkner
.• Carolyn Gamiao
.• Richard Hart
. Larry Lytle
.• Sylvia Pate
.• Becky Sansbury
. Allisa Starr
. Lori Sortino
. Sharon Vignali
.• Elaine Whitefield
. Holly Yanker


I consider Avadon an excellent enhancement of Wake Technical Community College's workforce training team. Even more importantly, past students recommend the training they have received from Avadon to their friends, which is the greatest compliment of all.. – Sarah L. Boswell, Wake Tech


Avadon's collection of business experts and training facilitators have come from a variety of complementary fields. This unique synergy of experience, understanding, and talent in and from a multitude of sectors not only provides for a wealth of services Avadon can use to help your business... but it ensures you get a complete solution that identifies and overcomes all the obstacles and hurdles your company may face.

As the world's economy changes, your business will also need to change. That is why we continue to recruit more experts, ensuring we will always be able to develop the integrated and innovative solutions that help you build a better, more profitable business.

To ensure we can best meet your needs, Avadon features a growing contingent of regular consultants, along with a continuously expanding array of on-call specialists that are available to help you overcome and succeed at any unique challenge your business may face — and to provide the career-transition training that communities and individuals are currently in desperate need of.

If you are ready to embrace success, both today and tomorrow, Contact Avadon right now and let our people help yours.

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