Amitav Dash


An original member of the Avadon Board of Advisors, this 23-year veteran of marketing, advertising, journalism and public relations, is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Dubs & Dash Group, and former Managing Editor of Vertical and Vertical 911 (North America's leading civil and parapublic helicopter magazines).

An experienced & innovative writer and strategist, Amitav has developed successful campaigns in virtually every media category, for almost every type of industry, from automotive and healthcare to high tech and social marketing.

Utilizing his uncanny knack for problem solving, Amitav can develop the strategies and plans that resolve problems or can be the mediator that works with differing personalities and ideals to blend the strengths of each person into a cohesive, productive team.

Known for being able to sort through information to find the one fundamental idea that can be used to develop a powerful and effective campaign, he is the part of the Avadon team that helps take our clients to the next level, after other parts of the team have put that company back on the stable, secure path.

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