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While our work with Avadon encapsulated a lot of change, other companies may find they only need to focus on one of Avadon’s four Agents of Change™. Either way, I think you will be as surprised and delighted as I was how even one small change in the right direction can make all the difference in your business. – Mark Cable, Wood by Design


The Avadon Group is an integrated collection of dedicated experts that are focused on one goal — helping you build a better business. It is why we help you empower your workforce, teach your staff how to work as a cohesive unit, and encourage your business to take a leadership role in both business and local communities.

To accomplish this and to help you create long-term success, we break market forces down into Avadon's Four Agents of Change™, then sit down with you to determine how each one is affecting the infrastructure, viability, and profitability of your business.

From there, Avadon’s Three-Tiered Approach helps you:

  1. Bridge the gaps in your business. By determining the disconnects within your business, we can help you revamp that structure and the communication within your business, addressing and eliminating those gaps;
  2. Create connections within your business. Through facilitation and workplace environmental change, Avadon helps establish a learning culture and place of innovation; allowing for programs that help you attract and retain talent; AND
  3. Form alliances to and from your business. These alliances help eliminate duplication, establish better dialog, and allow for input and brainstorming through connections both inside and outside your company.

This unique three-part process establishes the foundations that will enable your company to have sustainable growth, increasing profitability, and a loyal workforce that is efficient, productive, and fulfilled.

Contact Avadon today and tell us how you want to build your business.

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