Brian Azar

Brian, you have tremendous insight about life, as well as sales, and we are glad that you shared them with us. Your expertise in the field of sales and marketing has benefited our company immensely. Unquestionably, your program was superior to any course we had taken prior, because it enabled us to obtain more productive results in several areas. – Danielle Striker & Steven Abdnor


Widely know as The Sales Doctor, Brian is a founding member of The Avadon Group. A coach, author, speaker, trainer, and advocate of lifelong learning, Brian has spent the last 35 years helping businesses and individuals reach their own specific success goals.

Specializing in Creativity, Change, and Innovation for the Baby Boomer Generation and Teen Leadership for the Future, Brian has written six books on business success, including his recent best seller: Your Successful Sales Career, published by the American Management Association.

Specializing in behavioral and motivational practices, Brian is able to help each individual develop from their own strengths and leverage their existing, often hidden talents and abilities. Through his work and research, he has devised creative methods for transforming negative energy, lack of motivation and poor communication skills into productive and positive growth.

Brian's talents and resources offer a unique, lively, and entertaining approach to meetings, conferences, and workshops! His hot topics include:

  • Partnerships Between Boomers and Teens That Work Well
  • The Magic of Rapport: How to Read Anyone Like a Book in Minutes!
  • The 10 Deadly Sins of Poor Leadership... and How to Correct Them!
  • How to Create a Healthy, Positive Workplace or Classroom!
  • How to Bridge the Gaps, Create Connections and Form Alliances... Between  Different Generations and Cultures in the Workplace!

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