Richard Hart

"Not only did you make my resume talk and advertise me, but I listened carefully to your statements about resumes, work and life, and give you full credit for saving my life. . . . thanks for your continued follow up to check on me and to offer to listen or help when needed.
– Student, name withheld


A vital component in Avadon's foundational training efforts in the community, and, by extension, to businesses in the community, Richard is the author of Make Your Resume Talk. In addition to teaching resume writing and interviewing skills at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, N.C., he also counsels students and prepares them for their first steps in the working world.

Within Avadon, these vitals skills and talents can also assist transitional and displaced workers, forming a seamless teaching pathway with other Group experts, to help ensure the strength and success of all of America's workers, and therefore all of America's businesses.

In his past five years of teaching and counseling Richard has helped revamp over 4,000 resumes and motivated countless students to re-think their job search approach. His passion for helping others creates empowerment amongst those who attend his seminars, and ensures that eventually all businesses will have that vital, continuous supply of skilled, productive workers.

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