Bernd Fv. Dörflein


Our lead facilitator on the veterans (former military) side of Avadon's training division, Bernd has been an international and domestic program manager for such telecommunications firms as Nortel Networks, SGN, Nokia Networks, and Nokia Siemens Networks for last 15+ years. Prior to that, he spent several years serving in the military — both domestic and international forces — and working in private security.

Bernd's focus with Avadon is on using his unique and diverse background to develop quality training and management programs that help both entrepreneurial and career-oriented people to succeed in their chosen fields. His special focus is on helping veterans transition from military life to the civilian work world.

Bernd truly brings a global understanding to his training and facilitation, which will help anyone facing this tough and ever-changing job market, but especially those veterans returning to civilian life and those international citizens who've chosen to call America home.

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