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I feel privileged to have been able to hear the information you presented. I hadn't considered the "big picture" of what effects expenses will have on the success of my business (and how many different points along the business they exist). You have given me a wonderful tool to evaluate my plans . . . . – Adrienne Gilliatt


The Avadon Group's training has been designed to focus on the needs of businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals trying to establish their plan for success in today's global economy. Whether we want to believe it or not, the world has changed. Every business must know how to recruit and train people in order to survive, and every worker, executive or staff, can maximize their value and compensation by ensuring they have the skills this new economy will require.

In addition to our regular courses, Avadon develops customized curricula and programs tailored for your specific industry segment — a unique strength that is particular to the Avadon Group.

At Avadon, we focus on a better way to train workers to ensure long-term productivity, focus, and loyalty. If you are tired of having to outsource work because you don’t think America’s workforce has the skills to ensure the profitability and sustainability of your company; or are frustrated by losing good workers you’ve spent time and money training and developing... you are not alone.

Instead of asking the government to do something to help train our workers and protect our businesses... we can do what Americans have always done, take the lead and show the way to a brighter future.

Avadon embraces that leadership role. It is why we created the Avadon Approach™, to simply build better and more profitable businesses, and a productive, secure workforce.

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