Lori Steed Sortino


Lori has over 25 years of experience in operations, business analysis, process improvement, and whole systems problem solving, with a background specifically in inter-department communications. Her experience in converting legal contract language into administrative function with customer focus, coupled with her ability to listen and ask the right questions, make her a valued asset when the goal is to avoid mistakes, foresee the things that will trip the system, and see the human behavior patterns in the system.

As a facilitator, Lori focuses the team energy on priorities and making positive progress in systems-based change and business process improvement. Lori has a deep awareness of communication with an emphasis on intent and she helps clients listen and inquire beyond the words. She is deeply committed to personal and professional growth and inspires her clients toward their own improvement by example, both in and out of the projects they work on together. She enables the individuals on the team to support each other by becoming self-managing and learning when and how to ask for help. She teaches circle meeting structure to support better collaboration among peers and then coaches individuals as needed to support their self-leadership. She provides consulting services to business owners who want to create a more collaborative team-based culture with their employees.

Lori has supported Avadon by updating a number of training programs, adjusting content for a particular client or group so that it is relevant for that audience. She also provides ongoing coaching and consulting, supporting business development and strategy.

Lori is a photographer, a consultant and facilitator, and co-hosts circles and retreats in California.

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