Jane Falkner


Jane's focus and specialty is in all facets of communication. A literacy coach, tutor, facilitator, and PR consultant, Jane brings her skills to the Avadon Group in order to help our clients improve their media & public relations, and their internal communications. As Jane has shown throughout her career, businesses can realize bottom-line benefits, with increases in productivity and efficiency by empowering their personnel with the skills to powerfully and concisely communicate their ideas.

Jane holds a double major in English and Elementary Education and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with a Reading Specialist Endorsement. She has also trained extensively in literacy and learning strategies, and utilized her abilities in several areas, including PR strategies and campaigns, grant writing, and fundraising.

Jane also holds the unique distinction of being the first woman sports writer in Virginia and one of the first women sports writers in all of the American South. This experience led her to serve as a public relations counselor for many athletes and coaches in the college, Olympic and professional ranks; and as a media relations trainer for various college teams.

True to form for all of Avadon's experts, Jane also brings her business expertise to the community as well, showing that business skills can have a dramatic impact and benefit in community and charitable work.

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