Sharon Vignali


The consummate management and human resources professional, Sharon has been managing, training, and coaching employees, teams, departments, supervisors, and entire companies for more than two decades.

Having spent the last 21 years with The News & Observer (N&O) in North Carolina, Sharon started her lengthy management run at the publishing company heading up a department of 75 production employees. The success she had developing training programs and increasing productivity and efficiency on an individual and department level there led executives to bring her into a role that could maximize those skills sets for the larger company.

As Resource Development Manager at N&O, Sharon's training, coaching, evaluation, and performance improvement programs focused on helping individuals, teams, entire departments, and the managers who oversaw them, work more productively, collaboratively, and with greater efficiency.

The success she attained in that role led her to transition to Employee Relations Manager, where she could implement workplace improvements on a company-wide level. There, she was able to implement and manage programs and policies that helped resolve conflicts, improve the quality of the workplace, and reward employees for contributions to the company and the community.

That balance and understanding of corporate and social responsibility is yet another reason why Sharon is an ideal fit for The Avadon Group, and why we know she will be of value to any company needing to improve its processes and workplace dynamics, and any individual client looking to find areas where they can improve themselves and achieve a new level of success.

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