The Integrated Life and Business Series

Becky Sansbury's innovative two-part series on Preparing for Business examines the psychology of one's co-workers and customers... and how to understand and work with both to create a more successful business.


Part 1: Preparing for Business – From Chaos to Clarity. The cornerstone of any successful business rests on the utilization of clear thinking by the owner, managers, and staff. Life issues, often exacerbated by transition, diminish the creativity, concentration, and decision-making ability necessary to increase profitability. From Chaos to Clarity provides the opportunity for the student to integrate challenging life experiences with psychological principles and then to relate this information to business basics.

Part 2: Preparing for Business – Working from the Inside Out. Providing top quality customer service begins prior to engaging with the customer. Students in Working from the Inside Out will explore the personality principles that determine positive human interaction. Combining didactic and interactive material, students will have the opportunity to connect their business persona with potential customer experience.

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