The Avadon Approach™ Business Series

The five-part series that teaches you the secret of all truly successful companies — building your business from a customer-centric point of view.


The Avadon Approach™ is a method by which business owners and company executives can assess their organization from a customer point-of-view through key contact points that support the customer experience.

The method is also utilized to evaluate key differentiators separating and elevating the company from its competitors through the customer experience. The methodology and curriculum also shows the owner/executive how to implement a Cause-Related Business Model, allowing the company to access underemployed or disadvantaged employees from the community and elevating them to another economic level (which not only secures stronger customer loyalty and a broader customer base, but aids in workplace loyalty and productivity).

  • Course 1: Budgeting Basics – Budgeting with Your Customer in Mind
    Budgeting Basics is the first step in the AvadonSM methodology and gives the student the ability to tie customer experience to operational expense and then to translate these experiences into financials.

  • Course 2: Planning Your Business – Not Your Business Plan

  • Course 3: Plugging the Holes – How to keep customer satisfaction, employee moral and your time from leaking out of your business

  • Course 4: Change – Maintain the cause through re-invention

  • Course 5: The Avadon Approach™ – To serve and elevate, developing a cause-related business model

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