Avadon Founder Appointed to CAWDB

Key Component – Capital Area Workforce Development Board Appoints Avadon's Norma Owen


November 10th, 2006; Cary, North Carolina... Robert Barham, Chair of the Capital Area Workforce Development Board (CAWDB), announced today the appointment of Avadon Group CEO Norma Owen to the organization’s board of directors. An experienced management consultant, teacher, and community organizer, Ms. Owen was the ideal choice for Barham and fellow board members. Her ability to bridge business with community development was one of the key reasons they chose Ms Owen, but the fact that her company specializes in workforce development and training was also a big part of the board’s interest.

Over the past 20 years, Ms. Owen has helped many companies establish a more productive, efficient, and profitable structure, as well develop internal training and processes that improve employee efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction. Her appointment to the CAWDB’s board of directors is the latest of many community appointments she has accepted over the years. Said Ms. Owen, “The great thing about CAWDB is not only the community aspect, but that it uses business as a means to effect community change, which in turns helps improve economic outcomes, and so forth in a continuing cycle forward. It is exactly the principle that I have always adhered to, so I think the fit will be a good one.”

The Capital Area Workforce Development Board was established to create a skilled workforce system. Along with offering area citizens the needed training and potential employment opportunities, employers benefit from the increased supply of skilled workers that can improve their company’s productivity and profitability, which, in turn, helps provide economic stability and growth to the entire region. It is a mission for everyone, contributing to the prosperity of America, one community a time. Ms Owen’s appointment to the Board of Directors will not only support the accomplishment of these goals, but it will open up new economic and development possibilities for the future.

For more information on the Capital Area Workforce Development Board, please call (919) 856-6040. For more information on the Avadon Group, please contact Norma Owen at Norma@Avadon.biz.

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