Avadon Gets New PR Intern

Giving Back What Was Gained – New Avadon Intern Ready to Help Others


November 2nd, 2006; Cary, North Carolina... Avadon Group founder and CEO Norma Owen announced today the appointment of Chris Moseley as its new public relations intern. Normally, Avadon is focused on developing individuals from transitional and untapped workforces, integrating those workers into local companies in a way that helps each business gain a competitive advantage. This time, though, they saw an opportunity to add a suitable candidate to their own ranks, helping to provide clients with additional PR and communications support.

Said Ms Owen: “Chris’s talent for writing and Avadon’s need of a PR intern was a good match. Chris is a great example of someone who, when given the soft skills, business training, and the means to navigate the workplace environment, can rise from the displaced and transitional workforce. For our country to remain competitive in the global economy, we must train people like Chris, and help companies integrate and keep them productive in the long term.

In addition to Moseley’s current training, he has embraced Avadon’s “give back” philosophy and is looking forward to eventually mentoring others who were in the same position as himself. For now, he is coming to terms with his new status. “The reality of using my gift as a writer was initially overwhelming,” said Moseley. “Helping others put into words their thoughts and ideas is immensely gratifying, though. And, I am looking forward to my evolution as a business professional, learning more ways to use my gift to help others succeed.”

For more information about the Avadon Group or utilizing Avadon’s communications services for your community, charity, or business, please contact Norma Owen at Norma@Avadon.biz; or Chris Moseley at Chris@Avadon.biz.

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