Avadon Group on Tarheel Talk: Jan. 10th, 2010

Tarheel Talks Career Resiliency – An In-Depth Look at How You Can Succeed in Today's Economy


January 5th, 2010; Raleigh, North Carolina; The Avadon Group announced today that two of its experts, Becky Sansbury, senior facilitator/coach, and Larry Lytle, senior business consultant, would be appearing on the well-known Fox 50 weekly public affairs program Tarheel Talk to provide viewers with valuable information on how to survive and succeed in their careers in today’s economy.

The episode, tentatively titled Career Resiliency in Today’s Job Market, will air on Sunday, Jan. 10th, 2010, at 6:30 a.m. on FOX 50, and focus on helping those currently out of work develop the key skills for finding and keeping a position in today’s ever-changing, global economy. Among the critical skills and topics presented in this encapsulation of the company’s Career Resiliency System (CRS) program will be:

  • The Targeted Job Search (in the entrepreneurial way);

  • Professional Networking (and being responsible for your own career);

  • Resume Keys (the surprise — it’s not about you!);

  • Over 40/Overqualified (the unspoken fear); and

  • Interviewing Tips (going beyond what your job competitors will be doing).

In addition, Sansbury and Lytle will be providing critical examples of the entire job acquisition process and will be joined by Avadon CRS graduate Wesley Hassell, PMP. Hassell, an IT project management professional, will discuss the problems he encountered in his long job search, and how he was able to overcome them to gain a promising new position.

Said Avadon Group founder Norma Owen: “We thank Tarheel Talk’s host Sonya Williams-Harris for her continued efforts to help the communities of North Carolina, and feel honored and privileged to be included on her show. We hope the Career Resiliency information that Larry and Becky provide, and Wesley’s hopeful story, give viewers the starting point they need to get their careers back on track. This is the toughest job market in decades, so if we can do anything to inspire, educate, and prepare even one person to survive and succeed in today’s economy, we’ll consider our appearance on Sonya’s show to be a success.”

About Avadon
The Avadon Group is an agency of experts dedicated to engineering workforces and workplaces for rapid re-invention and dominance in the global marketplace through coaching, facilitation, and consulting. Avadon’s processes work because they bridge the specific gaps and disconnects that occur between each business and its personnel; and on a larger scale between business, government, education, and the community. By forming alliances between all concerned parties, Avadon’s efforts can help ensure the long-term success of entire regions.

Led by founder Norma Owen, a 2005 Business Leader Magazine Woman Extraordinaire, The Avadon Group is a recognized leader in the world of 21st century workplace dynamics, offering individual Career Resiliency training for career professionals looking to succeed and survive in today’s economy, and the Avadon Approach™ to long-term stability and profitability for corporations of all sizes. To learn more, please visit: www.avadongroup.com.

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