Convergence and the Intellectual Revolution by Norma Owen

Convergence and the Intellectual Revolution – What is the Future of the American Worker?

by Norma Owen


If you’re anything like me, you'll have noticed we are in the middle of a very interesting economic revolution — one equal and similar to the industrial revolution of the 1800s, but with very different foundations and requirements. In the The Jobs Revolution, Changing How America Works, it said, “We’re already experiencing the most profound rotation of workers ever, in any country, at any time.”

This revolution and its encompassing trends are set to intersect near the end of 2012, creating a tipping point that will lead to a massive shift in the world's economy, changing the way money is made and the way we work. For a new generation, it will be a breath of fresh air, for others, a frightening possibility. Either way, it is a change we can desperately and fruitlessly fight against... or embrace and learn the secrets of... More (full text of the article).

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